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I need to buy some office furniture – what should I do?

First, you need to be honest with yourself.  Are you looking for the cheapest fix for a short term solution?

If you are not concerned about quality, choices, warranty or installation, you should probably shop on-line or at a big box store for the cheapest thing you can find that looks decent.  You will probably be content with your purchase until you start putting it (pressed cardboard) together.

The furniture will need to be replaced in a pretty short time frame. You can whip out the duct tape and brackets to support shelves and desk tops, fill in the chips and scratches with – walnut rubs? You can probably find some good solutions on Pinterest or just put a plant in front it.


It is pretty fun to have a client in the office and say, Um – “let me get you a Different chair” or “we are in the process of replacing our furniture…” Have you ever said, “we don’t usually have clients in our office”?  Not only is this a turn off for clients, think of your employees. 

You may need to budget for new furniture.  A professional designer/furniture dealer will help you prioritize your purchases and will likely have several options for you to choose from.  It may be a benefit to you if you can make a purchase big enough to qualify for a better discount or free shipping.  Your dealer can tell you which manufacturers offer these incentives.  

When you establish a “standard” for your office interior, you can start by purchasing the most visible area.  This will probably be the reception desk.  The next area would be the conference room.  If you have a standard, that will take all the guess work out of:  what style, what color…You could also start with replacing the items in the most dire need.  If you buy whatever chair is in stock at the time from your local retail store, you will end up with a mismatched mess. 


By investing in quality, you will have an office you can be proud of for years.  Clients will be confident in your business and employees

will be happy that you take pride in your business environment.


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